The founder Manfred Bauch was entrusted with the establishment of the first Joint Venture Shanghai Volkswagen in automative sector in China as he worked as planner at Audi AG in Ingolstadt. During that time he recognized the market chances in the rapidly expanding Chinese market.

  • In 1993, after his employment as head of the planning department with VW Shanghai, he founded the company in Dollnstein. At the beginning BAUCH Consulting focused mainly on the consultation and the sale of machines and mechanical components to China. At the end of 1993 the first two machining centers were sold to a customer in Beijing.
  • In 1994 founding of the first Joint Venture: Beijing BAUCH Machine & Technology Co. Ltd.
  • In 1995 BAUCH Consulting moved to Ingolstadt with three employees. The company name was changed to BAUCH Engineering. In the meanwhile some well-known companies such as Shanghai. Volkswagen, FAW-VW and Shanghai GKN are our clientele.
    By an additional qualification, BAUCH Engineering was approved as an IHK training company.
    A sales office was established in Shanghai.
  • In 1997 a free employee supported the customer service in Changchun.
  • In 1998 the company moved to new building in Gaimersheim. The total employees were only 7 persons.
    FAW Volkswagen in Changchun and Shanghai General Motors became new clients.
    The legal name of the company was changed into “BAUCH ENGINEERING GmbH & CO. KG".
  • In 1999 QA certification to ISO9001.
    Award for "Reliable regular suppliers" by FAW-Volkswagen.
  • In the year 2000 the first self-designed residual dirt testing machine was manufactured and sold.
    Award for "The best supplier of the year" by FAW-Volkswagen.
    The number of employees now exceeds 10.
  • In 2001 starting the development of our completely automatic brewing equipment SMART BREW.
  • 2002 „Best Supplier/ Silver Award“ by VW Shanghai.
  • 2003 founding "BAUCH Powertrain Components Taicang Co.Ltd." located in Taicang, nearby Shanghai.
    Founding a Joint Venture „Wuxi Friedrich Precision Machine Co. Ltd.“ in China.
    There are 18 employees in Germany and 7 employees in China.
  • 2004 – 2009 Establishing strategic partners. BAUCH Engineering obtained the qualification as trade agent in China,helping well-known German and Austrian machinery and plant companies to run the business in China.
    The business is enlarged to new branches (railway, wind power, aviation).
  • 2007 Installation of epicyclic gear units for compressor test rig.
  • 2008 Supply of two R&D truck transmission test rigs and one chassis dyno to FastGear.
  • 2009 Developement and production of a Automatic Guided Vehicle / System (AGV, AGS).
  • 2010 Reconstruction and extension of our company builiding.
    Supply of fully automatic transmission assembly line to FAW-VW MQ200
  • 2011 Sales for the first time over €10 million. Hoppenstedt Top-Rating for Credit Check.
  • 2012 QA Certification to ISO 9001:2008. Hoppenstedt Top-Rating Credit Check.
    Supply of the world's fastest balance shaft line to Shanghai Volkswagen.
  • 2013 Employees in Germany 21 and in China about 80. Hoppenstedt Top-Rating Credit Check. Start of our new Homepage.
  • 2014 Enlargement of the company facilities for 2 additional floors, total 4 floor building.
  • 2016 Construction of a new office building for the service in Taicang in cooperation with EMCO-Group.
  • 2018 Establishing BAUCH CNC GmbH & Co. KG
    Construction of new 3 floor office building with 1,300m² workshop
    25th anniversary of BAUCH Engineering and 15th anniversary of BAUCH Powertrain Components