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04 / 2021

We also joined Facebook and Instagram.
We look forward to your subscription and many likes.

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02 / 2020

In Zusammenarbeit mit der Berufsschule Eichstätt freuen wir uns, ab 01.09.2020 die Doppelausbildung zum Technischen Kaufmann (m/w/d) anbieten zu können.
Wir bieten die Kombination aus Feinwerkmechaniker (m/w/d) und Kaufmann für Bürokommunikation (m/w/d) an.
Während der 4-jährigen Ausbildungszeit durchlaufen die Azubis zwei Kammerprüfungen und erlangen zwei Abschlüsse. Die künftigen Einsatzgebiete für diese Auszubildenden sind beispielsweise der technische Einkauf, der individuelle Verkauf, die Arbeitsvorbereitung der Produktionsabläufe, die Qualitätssicherung und -optimierung oder auch die Kundenbetreuung im After-Sales-Bereich.
Zur Stellenanzeige geht es hier
Weiterführende Informationen gibt es auf der Seite der Berufsschule Eichstätt 

Update 10 / 2020:
Die Ausbildung darf in dieser Form leider nicht mehr angeboten werden. Die Ausschreibung des Ausbildungsplatzes wurde entsprechend gelöscht.



12 / 2019

Am 6. Dezebmer bekamen wir hohen Besuch - der Nikolaus und sein Engelchen schauten vorbei.
Da wir im vergangenen Jahr natürlich alle brav waren, hatten die beiden auch ein kleines Geschenk für jeden dabei.

Wir wünschen eine schöne Adventszeit, frohe Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch in 2020!



10 / 2019

In October we had several reasons to celebrate:
- Ms. Weichselberger celebrated her 25 year job tenure
- Mr. Lindermayer celebrated his 10 year job tenure
- Ms. Seebauer finished her apprenticeship as "Bavaria's Best"

Congratulations from the whole BAUCH team!



07 / 2019

Pre-acceptance of HT65PM (Hyperturn 65 Powermill) at EMCO in Austria.
The machine will be used at our associate company BAUCH Powertrain Components in Taicang, China.



06 / 2019

Arrival of EMCO MM630
5-axis machining center with tool laser measurement and 3D workpiece probe



04 / 2019

China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT) 2019 was a big success for our co-exhibitors and BAUCH.
We received hundreds of visitors at the booth during CIMT, including potential customers with actual needs.
After CIMT, BAUCH has received many calls to inquire about the products exhibited by our co-exhibitors during the exhibition. Since the closing of show, our sales team has been busy scheduling customer visits and preparing quotations.
Thank you for coming to visit our booth during the exhibition! We are grateful to go all the way to provide you with the most suitable products and comprehensive services.
See you at CIMT 2021 in Beijing!



02 / 2019

China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT) founded in 1989 by China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’ Association, is the most prestigious international machine tool exhibition in China every odd-numbered year. It is one of the big-four international machine tools exhibition in the world. The other three are EMO, IMTS and JIMTOF. In the past 30 years, the international influence of CIMT has been increasing. It has become an important place for technology exchange and trade of international advanced manufacturing. It has become a platform for the latest achievements in modern equipment manufacturing technology. It is a vane and barometer for the progress of mechanical manufacturing technology and the development of machine tool industry in China. CIMT brings together the most advanced and applicable machine tool products in the world. It is an international showcase for domestic buyers and users.
The 16th China International Machine Tool show (CIMT2019) was held at the China International Exhibition Center (new venue) in Beijing on 15-20 April 2019. Bauch Engineering is invited to participate in this exhibition with our co-exhibitors. In addition to machine tools, we will also provide you with professional solutions and equipment for measurement and fluid recycling.
Our booth No. is Hall W5 Stand A310. Our professional staff will be there and providing you with on-site consulting services. Looking forward to your visit!



02 / 2019

Arrival of new EMCO E65SMY.
At the beginning the machine will machine forging parts with diameter 300mm and height 60mm
Lateron the machining of bar stock materials with diameter up to 95mm will be possible.



01 / 2019

Beginning of January the time had finally come - we could move to our new builing in Eitensheim.
After a few busy days, the move was finished for all colleagues.
The outside facilities, like parking lot, streets etc. will be finished in spring.



12 / 2018

Arrival of EMCO MM750, 5-axis machining center with inner cooling up to 60 bar.
The machine is equipped with a collet stud chuck of Co. Kunz, which is operated hydraulically or pneumatically through the rotary table.

At the same time, the VT400 was moved from Gaimersheim to Eitensheim.


12 / 2018

We are moving! 

Due to our move, we are only limited available from 20. - 26. December 2018.
From 27. December 2018 you can contact us at our new address:

BAUCH Engineering GmbH & Co. KG
Robert-Bosch-Str. 8
85117 Eitensheim

All telephone numbers and e-mail addresses remain unchanged.



09 / 2018

The construction of our new building is moving forward with fast steps. We build a new office building with 3 floors and a connecting structure to the workshop with about 1.300m² usable space.
After start of the work in March 2018 we already could celebrate topping-out ceremony in September.



09 / 2018

Like mentioned before, Sabrina Beck was awarded with the Bavarian State Prize for her final apprentices grades . Her grades in the final IHK exams are also very good, so she was awarded as "Bavarias Best". Once again contgratulations from the whole BAUCH-team!
As Company that trains apprentices BAUCH Engineering was also awarded with an IHK certificate.




07 / 2018

Pre-acceptance of EMCO VT400 for our new production in Gaimersheim.
The machine is loaded and unloaded automatically via NC-shuttle. Flywheels can be machined precisely because of special clampings and tools.
Another special application of the machine is an integrated roller-burnishing aggregat.
Quality inspection is done with a special measuring device which sends the results of post-process measuring back to the machine for adjusting its parameters.



04 / 2018

Pre-acceptance of EMCO E25 for a customer in Shanghai.
Machining of plastic workpieces with high surface requirements, Ra0,4 or less. This can be reached because of a precise and easy exchangeable clamping device and special cutting plates made of ceramic. 
The base of the process is of course a stiff turning machine, which is nevertheless able to machine in high speed.
Thanks to all involved parties for this sucessful pre-acceptance.



04 / 2018

In cooperation with our partner DIMOS Maschinenbau we supplied an electrical multi-way side loader for a body shop.
The electrical side loader can carry goods with weights up to 10 tons silently and environmentally friendly. Despite the high payload the loader is very moveable with a turning radius of just 2,7 meters. 3 meters lift height and 2 meters mast forward feed offer additional flexibility.
Supported by three color cameras and one color monitor in the driver cabin the driver can place the load accurate. A fourth camera covers the blind spot and ensures additional safety.


02 / 2018

Sabrina Beck finished her final apprentices grades to Management assistant in wholesale and foreign trade specialising on foreign trade as one of the best. Therefore she was awarded with the Bavarian State Prize. The ceremony was held during the send-off celebraion in the  vocational training school in Eichstätt.

Congratulations from the whole BAUCH-team!



10 / 2017

In October we went to our partner FRENCO GmbH in Altdorf for a pre-acceptance.
The all-new ZWP30 allows to carry out a double flank gear rolling inspections also for large gears, shafts and worms. The ZWP30 can handle workpieces with diameter up to 500mm and weight ca. 100kg. Workpieces mounted between tips can have lengths up to ca. 700mm.
Although the device is a complete new design, the pre-acceptance was carried out successful. Like all products from FRENCO, the ZWP30 works reliable with highest accuracy. Our cusotmer Shanghai GKN Huayu Driveline Systems can look forward to a really good device. 



09 / 2017

A Delegation of BAUCH Engineering took part in the THIRD FORUM ON SMALL BUSINESS OF THE SCO AND BRICS REGIONS in Ufa, Baschkortostan, Russian Federation. 

We look forward to further cooperations in new and interesting growth markets. 

Essential results:
1. All entrepreneurs are allowed to invest in Russia, they will be supported by the goverment.
2. Especially small and medium-sized companies are supported by local trade associations.  Bureaucracy and high taxes (max. 20%) will be reduced. Governments strategy is "one  business - one paper". 
3. Proven franchise systems are welcome, because they are established and fast to implement.
4. Russia and China strive for a long-term partnership for export of biological food to China.  In this context also infrastructure between these countries is improved. 
5. Russia and India look for a better cooperation in automotive sparepart business. India plans to increase the export of spareparts to Russia. In return India plans to found Joint-Ventures in Russia to bring added value to the country.  
6. Currently Russia has great deficits in processing their available commodities. Russia takes China and India as an example, to push its industrialization.



09 / 2017

Since Septemper 1st. our team is supported by two new apprentices.
Vincent startet his apprenticeship to Management Assistant in Foreign Trade, Gulagha is apprenticed as Skilled Warehouseman.
Currently we accompany five apprentices on the way to their professional future.



06 / 2017

Together with co. WFT, from Sulzbach-Rosenberg, our competent partner for transport systems, we delivered two battery-driven heavy-weight transportation platforms for a body shop. In the future they can comfortably transport their tools, which weight up to 70 tons. The systems are guided with remote control, laser scanners on the sides grant for additional security. 



05 / 2017

Once more our booth during CIMT show was well frequented. 
Thanks to all visitors, see you at 16th CIMT from April 15th to 20th 2019!




04 / 2017

Together with our partner companies we are taking part in the China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT) in Beijing from April 17th to 22nd.

We are looking forward to your visit on our booth in Hall W3, Booth 104.

Our partner companies are:

Maschinenfabrik ALFING Kessler
GST Gesellschaft für Schleiftechnik
- Karl Keppler Maschinenbau 
LOCH Präzisions Bohrtechnik
- SPL Spindel und Präzisionslager



11 / 2016

In November we delivered and installed two instruments for size inspection of gears and splines from co. FRENCO to the National Institute of Metrology in Beijing (NIM) with success. 

With the supplied single- and double-flank gear rolling testers they are now able to do dynamic measurements of workpieces and masters in highest accuracy.

NIM is Chinas highest technical authority for metrology, they develop and define national standards for metrology in China. 
Because of their expertise and product quality FRENCO is now also the benchmark for gear and spline inspection in China. 



11 / 2016

Ms. Rehm and Ms. Campos are celebrating their 10th anniversary at BAUCH Engineering.
Congratulations, we are looking forward to many further years of good teamwork.



09 / 2016

In September we finished the factory approval test run of a 1:1 Brake Dyno for Railway Brakes at ZF Test Sytems, Passau with success.
The dyno is used for development and test of brakes for railway application. Wear and friction test are possible for permanent braking, stop braking and deceleration braking. 

We would like to thank our customer Dalian Konform Technical Co., Ltd., the operator Dalian JiaoTong University and our  supplier and reliable partner ZF Test Systems for their professional, smooth and pleasant cooperation.

The dyno was shipped to China via seafreight  in September and we are looking forward to start the installation at our customers plant in Dalian, P. R. China in December 2016 



09 / 2016

On September 1st Ms Seebauer and Mr Speth joined our team as apprentices for Management Assistant in Foreign Trade, resp. Technical Product Designer. 



08 / 2016

Since August 2016 we are the official representative for carts GmbH in China.
The multifunctional Hardware in the Loop (HiL) Simulator is able to test controllers (for example: controllers for brake, battery, steering, ABS, ESP, etc.) separately or combined as integrated test.
We are looking forward to a successful partnership with carts GmbH.



05 / 2016

For the first time eight colleagues took part in the UNICEF-Run in Ingolstadt. 
Within one hour every challenger tried to finish as much laps as possible on the track. For every finished lap we donated 10€ to UNICEF.
With our slogan "We're running global" we raised a four-digit amount, which is used to support the children in Syria and its neighbour countries Jordan and Northern Iraq.   




01 / 2016

2016 started with a conversion of the con-rod production line of VW Powertrain Loutang.
Together with our partener Knoth Automation and our more than 20 years experience of machine integration in existing production lines, we designed a suitable solution to clean the parts after fine-boring.
Without this intermediate cleaning the following measuring station would become dirty very fast and the quality of the measurings results would decrease.



11 / 2015

The last machine setup in 2015 was done in week 48 at FAW-VW in Changchun.
We installed a measuring device for bearing preloads of manual gearboxes.

In cooperation with co. Premetec we enabled the quality department to test similar to their colleagues in the assembly line.
The measuring results are now compareable so mistakes in assembly and production can be identified exactly.



09 / 2015

Since September 1st we apprentice Ms. Beck as a management assistant in wholesale and foreign trade, specializing on foreign trade.  
Parallel Ms. Wang is celebrating her 20th and Mr. Gschrei his 10th anniversary at BAUCH Engineering.  
Congratulations, we are looking forward to many (further) years of good teamwork. 




05 / 2015

From April 20th to 25th the 14th Machine Tool Show CIMT took place in Beijing.
Our community stand was well-attended again. 

Our booth joined: 
- Maschinenfabrik ALFING Kessler
- GST Gesellschaft fuer Schleiftechnik
- LOCH Praezisions Bohrtechnik
- NOMOCO Maschinenfabrik
- PILLER Entgrattechnik
- SEMA Maschinenbau



 04 / 2015

Again our partner companies and we are taking part in the China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT) in Beijing on April 20th to 25th.

We are looking forward to your visit on our booth in hall W1, booth 605.



 03 / 2015

Successful acceptance of EMCO HT45 for our associate company BAUCH Powertrain Components Co., Ltd. 

Due to the excellent performance of the HT45 we are able to recuce the cycle time for a VW-gear part from over 300 seconds to less than 120 seconds.

Thanks again to the whole EMCO team for the brilliant acceptance in Hallein (Salzburg, Austria)



 01 / 2015

Our apprentice Annette Bonschab finished her apprenticeship as one of the best of her age. Therefore she was awarded with the Bavarian national award of the Free State of Bavaria. The ceremony took place in the vocational school in Eichstätt and was held by District Administrator of the district Eichstätt Mr. Anton Knapp and the Principal Dr. Alfons Frey.

Congratulations from the whole BAUCH-Team!



12 / 2014

Right before Christmas, after 207 long days, we moved from the small and too hot/cold containers to our new office.
The large and bright new rooms, all participiants worked so long, now offer an optimal working environment. 

Thank you very much to all the helpers! This Project would not have been possible without you. 



11 / 2014

Together with our partners CHIRON, MKR, PILLER and SCHERER we are exhibiting on November 6. to 8. at the SDCE in Shanghai. 
We are looking forward to your visit on our booth T103



08 / 2014

After three months construction time, we were able to celebrate the topping-out ceremony together with our friends, craftsmen and neighbours. Before we could start the BBQ, the carpenter recites the traditionally "Richtspruch" (a poem to thank the client and other craftsmen) and set up the topping out tree.



05 / 2014

Early May, after months of planning and preparation, we started with increasing our company building.
The in 1998 established office building with attached storage and assembly hall will be increased by 2 floors, the old floors will be modernized.

During the construction time the complete staff moved into office containers.
We are sorry for all eventual accuring disturbances during this time. 



09 / 2013

From the 10. to 12. September 2013 RENK Test Systems displayed at Automotive Testing Expo in Shanghai. Of course BAUCH Engineering, the chinese representative of Co. RENK was also onsite.

04 / 2013

From the 22. to 27. April 2013 it was time again – the probably most important machine tools exhibition of China res. Asia - the CIMT located in Beijing opened her doors, the thirteenth time. BAUCH Engineering organized –like usual- a community stand for our partner companies.