The functionality and lifetime of components and complete products (eg. transmission, drive shafts, power train, compressors, and engines) will be tested during their development as well as after their completion of assembling. We are in the position to plan for you the required special test benches or testing equipment components.

Scope of service (Abstrict)

End of line test rigs are to prove the performance curve and the function of the products. Development test rigs are to prove the required lifetime and to evaluate the noisy, vibration and the temperature etc. of the components.
Roller test rigs (chassis dynamometer), back to back alignment, mechanical or electrical closed, pulse.
Single test rig components such as increaser (turbo-spur gear, planetary/epicyclic gearbox etc.), torque measuring devices (measuring flange, strain gauge etc.).

Workpieces (Abstrict)

Motors, Transmission for automotive, wind power, railways and helicopter.
Drive shafts, axles, brakes, power train, compressors.